August 1, 2014
Backyard bonfire, s’mores, and catching lightening bugs. #indiana #summer @danmonaco @elaine_kruse

Backyard bonfire, s’mores, and catching lightening bugs. #indiana #summer @danmonaco @elaine_kruse

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June 6, 2013
Fair season is upon us. #delmar #summer

Fair season is upon us. #delmar #summer

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May 2, 2012

My recent post on neons for Nectar Clothing:


It’s all about neon this summer, and the truth is its an intimidating trend for some. You saw how Tricia took her journey to embracing neon, now we’re here to help your take yours. My favorite thing about Tricia’s experience is she found how much fun wearing neons can be. From compliments on your bright attire, to an actual hop in your step because they are so mood elevating, neon-wearing is going to be so much fun this summer!

Remember, just because the colors are overwhelmingly bright and have a strong 80’s/90’s reference doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to wear, or even extremely fashion forward. Think of this neon trend more as another opportunity to color block with some new shades. Truth: neons go great with neons. So don’t be afraid to pair your favorite brights in one outfit! 

When neon’s were popular wear in the 90’s the trend was more tied to alternative rock and the grunge culture — now, you don’t have to be a rockstar to pull off this look. This summer, the neons are back and this time they are much more mainstream.

My one main warning with this look is to watch out for neon colors that are less than complimentary to your skin tone. Some of the brightest yellow/greens won’t necessarily work for everyone. I know as a pale blonde, I definitely have to be careful of this when stepping out of the box with neon shades. Looking for a safe bet? Pinks and blues should be a safe bet for most ladies!

So, what do you think of this emerging fashion trend? Are you glad the neon’s are back? WIll you wear them? Let us know! And, send us pictures of you in your favorite Nectar neons!


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